So I’ve been ysing the software for a while now, I’ve actually experienced the ups and downs of value betting I’ve lost 10% of my bank before but went back into profuts but in the past 12 days I’ve lost 34% of my bank… I keep thinking this is variance but it seems something is wrong, i use bet365 alone. Is anyone facing this challenge too?

Cause I’m confused :confused:

Everyone is facing ups and downs.
What are you confused about?
We have a great community with a wealth of combined knowledge but you have hardly shared any information on your set-up.

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We all face ups and downs. as Tortrashbin says…and will face this eternally. If you cant hack it…then Value Betting is not for you.
The only solution to ups and downs is endurance ie keep placing bets until the upswings come. Its not easy and I , too , have felt like quiting loads of times…but I glance at my 1 year chart and its encouraging.
You are lucky and dont know it… as I wish my only problem was downswings :slight_smile: Its a lot worse when you are gubbed everywhere and cant get your bets on.

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