ROI on basketball

Hi Mates,

What are your results on basketball value betting? Up to now, I placed more than 500 bets on it but the ROI is still negative.

If anybody can share your result with me? Thanks!

Hi Taylor007 Basketball wasn’t good for me early on see my figures below, cheers

Basketball 370 bets 6941 turnover 224 Profit 3,2% Yield

Hi Crackone,

Thanks for your reply. Hope I could turn negative to positive soon.

So I have made 663 basketball bets with 3,8% Yield

Basketball - 1733 bets 2.5% yield

2400 bets with basketball so far, but negative -2,4%. Thats the only sport being negative, except esport and american football but too few bets there. Asian handicap is still negative after almost 5000 bets tho.

Damn! Send pic

Wow, this is the largest scale of variance I’ve ever seen. Reduce your odds on b-ball to 2.2

crazy…My Baseball and AM Football are now, and always have been -ve, to th epoint where Ive ditched them , after re-trying them several times to see if things change.

Oddly enough Basketball was -ve for a long time but slowly crawled back into +ve yield

Keep plugging away, bet like a robot

How on earth do you get Baseball to be so +ve Mate?

Is there a secret? Only betting certain leagues?
only betting winners?
only Handicaps
Only over /unders etc?

Please share , if possible

I continually lose on Baseball , by taking every bet /every league

Not sure why baseball has been good, too few bets still. Most bets i get from that is over/under. Mostly over i think. I have to add that i never used kelly, only flat betting. Well sometimes i bet more on lower odds and less on higher. But i bet so i doesnt look like value betting. From what iv seen it hasnt been to my disadvantage. I use around 1,5-2,2. I had really bad experience with lower odds, 1,2-1,5.

Yeah, th eproblem with odds at 1.2 is you get women tennis favs ,that end up getting thrashed by outsider or retiring :slight_smile: or a 1X2 ending in a draw :slight_smile:

So y’all don’t recommend tennis small odds?

At least not female tennis low odds. They are very volatile. I dont know what it looks like after 100.000 bets, but i would be shocked if its positive.

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you can bet on what you like, none of us experts, we just notice ass kicking on certain types of bets :slight_smile:

:sweat_smile::sweat_smile: another term for variance “@** Kicking”