ROI vs Yield (value betting)

Hello there, I want to suscribe for valuebetting with it’s starters product. I see that you offer an average of 30% ROI per month. Is this true? Because other valuebetting softwares offer 3% ROI. Someone help me explaining this to me plz :slight_smile:

ROI is the total return of your investment, your bank is growing by 30%. 3% is the yield, you make a 3% profit from every single investment/bet.

Many sites misuse the term ROI.

ROI should only used for a specific time period, for example “monthly ROI” or “total ROI”, and will usually grow over time.

Yield is how much you profit per bet, or per euro invested.
You can see it as “ROI per bet” or “ROI per euro”. Doesn’t take the size of your bankroll into account, so it’s a good relative number to compare with other strategies or users.

Hope this helps.