Rounding bete & Recommended leagues/markets

Hello out there,

First of all I want to start this topic by saying English aren’t my best language in texting.

I have just turned 2.000 bets on my value betting journey, and i must say I am impressed! However I experienced a huge downswing the past 2 days (as u can see, and i know it would come). This leads me to my 1 question out of 2.

1: What are your experience with having all sports/markets turned on the long term, and are there any recommendations of sport/markets u should avoid?

2: Do you round bet sizes? Personally i started by not doing it, but I was finding it a bit “too slow” progress with no roundings at all. It resulted in limitation by LeoVegas, but what can u expect from a small bookmaker like that. I then started to round my bets to the nearest 10, and when i was up double my originally bankroll (which is 1000DKK) I staked up to rounding near 25.

Later on i decreased my roundings back to 10 when i met that downswing… This may be a bad strategy, but that’s what I need advice for.

What can you recommend regarding rounding bets, and what do you think it takes for “minimize” the chances for being limited by the small bookies?

Have a great day, and let’s beat those bookies! :slight_smile:!

You use default settings?

I use these settings.