Safe way to creating more than one bet365 account?

Hi is there a safe way or a process of creating more than one bet365 account?

The’re is not “safe” way, you must create with friends or family credentials this is the safest process. Another option is that you contact with a trust seller (there are a lot of scammers that sell accounts). However skrill can close your bougth account and all bougth accounts have a risk even trust seller.

this is interesting, can i send you a message so we can talk about that in private?

try to talk about it here

as I know, you can create more accounts on same name, but after first vecification step/or after second verification step, or after deposit, your account will be immidatelly restricted (so you will be able to bet only small sums)

there is change, if you create another account, with passport or driver licence … and use different address (becouse there is no address on DL or passport)

Read our tips about privacy and hiding your identity when using multiple accounts on a bookmaker.

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as I know, it’s impossible to use VPN on bet365 …
bet365 detect almost all VPN services and show you grey blank page

if you really think that user can use VPN on bet365, please be specific and write which VPN service to use

They have a private IP feature that we recommend. Not sure it works on Bet365 anymore. Let me know if you’ve tried it.

Has anyone tried the private ip address? vps don’t work because the ip addresses are generally data center addresses so easy to spot and block. I talked to vpn support a week back and they said there is the dedicated ip option, but it can still get blocked. She was a bit pessimistic with the idea.

Hi @JasonBourne If I am in your position, i will use dedicated residential proxy IP services. That will prevent your blocked issue.

Try - Pay as you go option. Data usage could cost 30$ per month depends on your bandwidth usage.


I’m using Express VPN on bet365 on my pc and smartphone everyday with no issues.
Occasionally I get grey blank page but only on phone and not for long.


Hey so what happens if the account gets restricted and can’t withdrawal when you go on withdrawal Page says access to this section of your account is currently restricted?

Have you contacted bet365 about this issue? If yes, what did they response.

same here !

I tried this. Doesn’t work (anymore).