Sample page of sure bets needed

Please I’m from Nigeria and need like a sample page of this site on sure bet because I don’t want to subscribe and get to be seeing just below 5% profit…point is I need to know if there’d be more of above 5% profit

I have been asking this question for a very long time. No one seems to want to share the screenshot… They are all concentrating on value betting… I wanted to know the highest % they get in a day for surebetting so that I can do my maths if I add local tax

Whoever is in charge should please assist us so we know how we go about investing

There will be a free trial of the Sure betting web app soon, so you can see for yourself.

Also, people will probably start posting sure betting results in Member results the coming months.

We can also give aggregated stats from all placed bets if this helps. If so, let me know what kind of stats are most interesting.

Please do well to notify us when the free trial comes, it’s a lot of money so I don’t wanna go in blind.

About the stats please I’d appreciate it if you give us details on how much percentage profit is offered in a day

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At any given moment, there are between 1500 and 6000 sure bets. It depends greatly on the day of the week and what bookmakers you have.