SBO and other sharp bookies results


Anyone here using mainly sharp bookies for value betting ?

I am Limited allmost everywhere so only sharps are option but I slightly sceptical about real value from Sharps for example SBO.

I read from somewhere Else that you could only achieve less than 1 percent value in The long run from sharps

I am currently running -1.78 yield and -9 Roi after 1000 bets on SBO. With EV 2.53

Not too Bad but i am sceptical whether EV is really achievable or correct for sharps

You can but you will probably need a 10.000 to 20.000 EUR bank to make it worthwhile. My ROI is above 2% on Tennis, Basketball, Hockey and Am. football with the sharps and above 4% with one bookie (more than 7000 bets in total). Football is only at 0.5% as you mention.
Have a look around and see how much money the sharps will let you wager. I think that is the main problem. But SBO is not great. They will lower the offered odds to you when you start winning.

Thank you for The reply. SBO already lowered odds for me. 2% Roi seems great for sharps.

For some reason i have not Been able to open account for 3et but i have to check others as well

Same here. 3et never responded to my enquiry about an account. But the 3et feed on rebel shares 90% of its odds with IBC and ISN (sportmarket for example) so you can just use that.

Or have a look at this: have no idea if they are legit….

do you mean your odds on betting pages is lower 0.02 than the rebel scan result?

Yes that is what i meant

i got the same odds as rebel, yet im still about breakeven (4k bets)

How can you beat the sharp bookies? With valuebetting software?

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