Sbobet-limited players

Hi, today, after 17 days of betting (profit 45o euros), Sbobet has lowered my limit from 7 euros to 4 euros per bet. Do you have a similar experience? Thanks

when sbo bet also doing that, then we can stop with valuebetting ,NEXT ONE PINNACLE

Hi, I had been valuebetting with SBO since the very beginning of the service provided by Rebelbetting. They had been nicely profitable for me with a long term (and very high volume of value bets) average yield of about 2.5%. Then about 15 months ago, they started slashing odds on individual basis by 0.2 points. It means you saw odds, say, of 1.88 at valuebetting service, you saw identical odds at the SBO portal, too, but in the moment you signed into your SBO account, your Individual odds was 1.86. That was still kind of acceptable and lasted for a year or so. And then in October this year, they started slashing odds even more, by 0.4 or even 0.6 and, to the worse, they started limiting stakes very quickly. I am at EUR 1 max stake now. So… what to say…

Sorry… slashing odds by 0.02 points (respectively 0.04 and 0.06)

Exactly the same happens to me!

most of the time the problem is you are betting lower divisions no rocommend leagues and better betting 5/10/20/25/50/100 amounts

The worst one, the one I hate most is 1xbet and their clones: betwinner, 222, etc…
The target you and LOWER YOUR ODDS, specifically for you.

(a list of bookies and their clones, always check it before opening an account: )

I was dumb enough to open a 222 account without seeing it was a 1xbet clone. I am now jailed there… I can´t even withdraw my money because they say I am in a ROLLOVER of my own money, listen, it is NOT a rollover of a bonus… it is of my money!
THey say I must bet all my money, losing or winning, BEFORE WITHDRAWL IT.

Don´t be close of russian bookies, they are tough as f**** and you are scr**** !

Hi, my friend lost a lot of money with them …

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