SBObet lower odds for my account

Hello, I just noticed today after betting for 4 months on valuebetting, that the odds are about 0.02 points lower on my account than when I’m logged out.
WTF? Anyone had this before? Is it permanent?

Same here.
They slashed limits across the board in past few months, definitely not what they used to be.

Yes, 0,02 for me aswell

Asked sbo support Abou tthis:

-In line with this matter, please be advised Odds displayed on our website when you’re not logged in is for reference purposes only.

-The actual odds can be viewed upon successful access to your account.

-Further, we have implemented some changes in the pricing structure that will generally affect our sports market odds.

-These have been driven by several factors including the constant increase of payment providers’ fee and license tax cost.

This is a bit of a game changer isn’t it? As far as I can see this makes the long term viability of value betting nigh on impossible. Pulls the effort/profit/risk equation right down. Anyone know any better?

I am experiencing the same, too. My SBO odds have been reduced by roughly 0,02. What it means in terms of the profit equation is as follows: since a vast majority of the SBO odds I have been value betting at is in the range 1,80 to 2,20, I am effectively loosing a 1 percentage point of yield at each bet. Since my long term value betting yield (i.e. after 5000 bets) is 3,0%, I will likely tend to yield 2% instead of 3% from now on. In absolute numbers, after 5000 bets with an average stake of 10 eur, I will earn 1000 eur instead of 1500 eur. Is it still woth doing considering the effort, etc…? You tell me…

Thanks for the reply. I was relying on sbo to get me the numbers, and looking at my own calculations based on larger bets I’m not sure it returns the required anymore, particularly taking into account rebelbetting fees - the roi just isn’t there. Are there any other solutions or bookies that operate at this level?

I’m new and I’m about to subscribe to value bets, and SBO is a bookmaker I wanted to consider, could you explain to me what’s going on with this book? from what I understand, it has reduced the odds by 0.02 and therefore decreases the value by one percentage point. Should you use this book or not? I read from someone who is not convenient anymore.

I think this is not a serious problem. Of course it is unpleasant, but that’s the situation. You can calmly use it, just good events are less. Ultimately, the question is not whether to use, but how much I will work.
You will just earn less.

You will earn significantly less I’m afraid, particularly because sbo also now appears to be limiting stakes on most markets (I’m told its not just me). Still not hopeless but a lot more effort for less return unless I’m wrong

I believe it is still worth value betting at SBO. There are few arguments in favor of that:

  • SBO is one of the most suitable bookies for value betting since it produces one of the largest numbers of value bet opportunities accross the field
  • moreover, since SBO is a classic bookie using Asian handicaps, vast majority of the opportunities comes in the odds range of 1,8 to 2,0, which fetches quite stable results with quite a low variance - this is in my view a significant plus
  • after four days of value betting under new rules, I am still in very positive numbers instead of probably losing one percentage point of my yield.

As to whether there is a suitable substitute for SBO: there is 3et, quite a new boy in the block, who is basically a bet broker or an odds aggregator accross a range of bookies who places bets on your behalf at a bookie with the highest odds for a particular market/event at a particular moment. One ofthe bookies 3et mirrors is SBO and - yes - with its original odds and not those slashed ones. So far it appears a very suitable option to substitute for SBO.

However, 3et have certain minimum staking requirement which I am not able to figure out. Their support keeps silent to my querries. Any experince/reliable information about 3et minimum staking requirements?

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hi, how did you value betting on SBO? did you just use rebel scan result?

Absolutely described the situations. That’s my opinion about Sbo.
About 3et: Here everything is secret there is very little free information. Please, if you have free time, share something more.

Personally, I have been trying for some time to understand “”. They are also a broker. See there are many options that I personally do not quite understand.
I made my registration in “Orbit Exhange”.
For those who do not know it is a copy of Betfair, but with a lower commission (3% or 4%) instead of (6.5-7)%.
The inconvenience is that it was reduced to the scanner.