SBOTOP is giving me lower odds

After several days of betting at sbotop they sent me an announcements that my betting was against their rules because i had too many bets ended void. Also they lowered every odd for at least 0.02( odds on valuebet where the same as on sbotop but logged out). So I decided to make a new account with different documents and after several bets they lowered the odds for at least 0.02 again. Has anybody experienced that or someone with bigger experience at sbotop can share their thoughts? Thanks.

They will lower it by 0.04 next and after that 0.06. For me 0.06 lowered odds is for bets that have 2.0 and lower odds…For odds 2.5 and more the difference is like 0.10. Also they lower stake amount as well quite a lot, in some cases only to 2-3eur.

Do you continue using them besides all this?

yes, if i can still get positive ev from them after lowered odds. That said, even tho i have positive ev with sbo, my real yield is at this moment negative with them for last 6 months.

also SBO has started to void winning bets more often as “irregular bet” as they say. For last 3 days, every day at least 1 winning bet has been voided. So everyone who uses SBO in rebel should check this because software registers bet as win but actually sbo has voided your bet.

By now SBO has become almost unusable. Just analysed and they have voided 14 bets in last 7days, all winning bets and they send email cancelling my bet after the match has finished, not before. And mark it down as “irregular bet”. It’s pain in the … looking through rebel and cancelling winning bets manualy. I use one other software as well and same manual canceling has to be done there as well.

They are doing shady things.

avoid them. they can’t afford u to win