Scammed by 10bet bonus

I recently made a 10bet account to start value betting, but after 60 bets my account got restricted and I cannot place a single bet, not even the minimum bet.

When I signed up with the bonus offer, I received 50 pounds of bonus money. I eventually ended up with over 200 pounds of bonus money. However, the way the bonus offer works is that you have to wager a certain amount of money to convert the bonus money into withdrawable cash. And I have been only been able to wager less than half (because certain markets don’t count towards it) of the required amount. Now that my account is restricted, my bonus funds are locked because there’s no way to wager the rest. Is that normal and has this happened to anyone else? And is there any way to work around it? It feels terrible to have those funds locked up for no reason.

At first, I didn’t realize the terms and conditions of the offer which state that handicaps, O/U, etc don’t count towards the wagering requirement because it was written very small and hidden in the terms. The whole thing feels very misleading… (but I guess anything to stop value bettors to take advantage of their business?)

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There has already been posts regarding 10bet and their shady behaviors.