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Sorry to Bother everyone but I’ve Started Value Betting now a few Weeks and I’m Getting abit Disheartened by seeing my Bankroll Decrease Dramatically…Any Advice Please on Settings… Number of Bets to Place Daily??.. Any Advice at All Greatly Appreciated


Hello. These are my settings:

Hope it helps. Let me know if you have any further questions. Good luck!

Lower the max odds to perhaps 2.5
You might also want to increase the minimum value from 2% to perhaps 3%. You can read this post on how to reduce variance.

Many Thank…Much Appreciated

And how Many Bets a Day would you recommend??

That is a very good point and it triggered another thought in me. I checked how each bookmaker is performing in my statistics in different odds levels. I know the total bets I have is not representative but can be used as a guidance for future decisions.

Underperforming bookmakers are those which generate negative profit. The more bets I will have the better picture will get as a matter of course.

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As many bets as you can!

Ideally, you should try to turn over as much of your bankroll as you can each day. Money left at a bookmaker just sitting in your account is not doing any good at all.

@Gabor, as you mention you will need many more bets to draw any strong conclusions.

OK…Thats Great…Your information is Priceless…and your Replies are very much Appreciated… Finally what about Time Frame to Start of Event… I’m Currently using 24hrs… Should I have this much lower Maybe??..