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I’m on my 4th Bet365 account now and they keep getting limited faster and faster. My 1st account lasted 1 month and my recent account only lasted 4 days. I’ve used different device and ip for every account so there’s no problem in that department. My betting pattern has been exactly the same as well on every account the only thing that separates each account is the deposit ammount, it obviously increases with each account because I’m trying to scale up so I’m guessing there is some correlation with deposit ammounts and account longevity? On my 1st account I deposited 200€ and on the latest account I deposited 2000€.

What is the biggest ammount you have deposited to an account and how long did it last by doing only +EV bets? Have you also found if there is a sweet spot for deposit ammount to try and last as long as possible while still making significant profit?

I would like to hear your opinion on this subject and share your experiences

2k€ is a no-no.
IMHO around 800€ is a maximum. If possible prep it for about 4 weeks before going “live”.

I deposited 3k CAD 40 days a go on my current bet365 and after 2575 bets ive not been limited. Its an old account and im running like pure crap currently 7k+ under EV so that might explain why.

Imo the best way to not get limited quick is to buy a new sim card for each new account and only place bets using a cell phone.
I think some region might limit accounts quicker.

Did u ever get limited at a loss? And were those new or old accounts?

I have never been limited at a loss.

on my 1st account I was limited on a small loss and that’s not a surprise because every bookmaker limit you based on how many times and how much you beat the clv with not how much you’ve won because a square player can get lucky once and they don’t get limited because they’re not beating the clv. Ok it’s reassuring to see that you were able to deposit over 3k and last that long it might have something to do with how old your account is probably tho so buying old accounts is probably the only way to last longer

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