Sharp/bet brokers results

What is use of buying rebel betting pro account, when you have to basically use a bet broker, which have horrible results with this software? Even owner says not to use bet brokers, but to have a pro account you must have a high balance to make it worth subscripts price, which will get you banned right away with soft bookies. Even with notmal $79 account with low balance, how are we supposed to make money with this software as you just get banned? Obviously you can make more accounts, but there is a limit to how many id’s you can get your hands on… what are y’all’s opinions/results with soft and sharp bookies?

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These are my results with Sportmarket so far:

I’m also using Pinnacle where my yield is 1,3 % after 514 bets. On betfair exchange my yield is -4,7 % after 185 bets but hopefully it will be profitable after more bets.

You can get banned on both of those platforms can’t you? They aren’t bet brokers right? Horrible results for 3 months worth, considering they are constantly saying the average results for 3 months is doubling of your money.

No, you don’t get limited at Pinnacle, Betfair exchange or Sportmarket.

If you have a yield of around 3 % on sportmarket (sharps) you should be very happy. You have to understand that may, june and july are off season which means less bets. It’s all about the volume you get in.

My ROI overall (all bookies) for these 3 months is 83 %.

Well with a pro account you should be quadrupling your money every 3 months, since you have triple amount of bets and bets higher than 4% value. But 3 months isn’t long enough to tell what long term results would be, I just read what you sent me wrong. 88% in 3 months is still decent, although it should be a lot more on average. What are your settings? And how many bets do you take daily on average? Also You don’t find that odds are different most of the time when you try to take a bet on bet brokers? Also how often are you taking higher value bets?

Also do you find that certain types of bets are more profitable?

This is my 5th month with Pro package and my ROI is between 180-210% in past 3 months. It’s off season and now it’s difficult to stay profitable and in 5-6 weeks leagues will kick off… Olympic games from 23rd July will offer lots of bets I hope.

Nice! Are you using bet brokers? If so which ones are you using, or which soft brokers are you using? Do you avoid certain types of bets, Or take any? How long by before bets start do you take them? Do you find that odds change if you take a bet too early before it starts? Are you taking higher value bets with pro to?

I’m using the following settings:



This is results so far:


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