Sharp bookmakers

How much money you can make from sharp bookmakers? What i have heard people are making around 1-2% yield. If that is the case why are these values so high?

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In the same way, I would like to know how many bets per day we can find in these sharps or brokers? It could be interesting

Because when you will click on the bet, the odds will not be there. You can place maybe 5-10bets per month with a sharp bookmaker. But do not expect to make real money because you will not be able to place a high number of bets. The algo of our software will find that small error in their odds, but the sharp bookmakers need just a few milliseconds to “fix” the problem and you can not react faster than a computer and that’s why you won’t be able to take advantage of that opportunity.

Hi @Jolly007, so you don´t recommend paying for the RB PRO version to bet on sharps or brokers?

so is it game over after you get banned from all the soft bookies?

no. exchanges have much higher odds pretty much all the time, and you never get banned on exchanges

do you have results to back profit on exchanges?

you can even use physical shop bookies. You cant get banned there. In the unlikely event that you do, you just go to another bookie. I moved to England just for value betting

what do you mean?

how do you know if shop bookies have value?

You check the odds of the bet on their shop Betting machines if course, how else?

Sometimes the counter has got higher odds than the machines, or even online, especially in Betfred and a bit in William Hill

Yeah but how do you calculate if the odds have value?

Are shop bookies on rebel?

mrgreen coral, william hill, ladbrokes, betfred are shop bookies provided by rebelbetting

The software calculates the value,no? Unless you mean something else

Yeah that is what i meant, thanks for the information.

Btw how much money do you make from shop bookies and how much bets do you get in per day?

I can confirm this. This month Smarkets is my 2nd highest under Bet365… So im confident if i do ever get banned from soft bookies


Hi @Runawayindy1 , how many bets have you placed in Smartkets the last month?

606 in 3 weeks with 3.8% yield… So far

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And how much win