Signing up to Asianconnect

Hi, I’m from the UK and hoping to use Asianconnect to value bet.

I found that the link from the Rebel Betting (2 weeks free promotion page) didn’t allow you to enter the UK as an option in the country drop down list so I went to their main website which does have United Kingdom as an option.

When signing up it asks which is my preferred service, Asian Odds, Orbit X, PS3838 or Singbet.

Not entirely sure what this means, I thought I’d be able to access all of the above by using Asianconnect.

Also, is it best to use EUR or GBP?

Many Thanks!

As a follow up to this, I’ve been in touch with Asianconnect and they say I have to be signed up with one of the above to make deposits. However, I’m not able to sign up with them because I’m from the UK.

A little confused by all of this. Any advice appreciated. THanks.

Have you followed this guide?

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