So Calld Early Variance

I’ve now placed 2500 bets on unibet and am still down significantly at what point does the “variance” end and i actually make money because even if by some miracle it turns positie(which after 2500) bets it hasn’t once done the yield will be like 0.2% i’m getting tired of placing bets every day only to have them lose

post stats, graph and settings

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Mathematically variance never ends. However it becomes more and more unlikely, over time and amount of bets, that the result diverges from the CLV.
Like @TonyTwist posted; what are your stats, graph and settings?

none of it will post my graph overall started off good(mainly because of books that i’m already limited at) now i’m only using william hill and unibet both are negative william bill only slightly after about 700 bets unibet is down over 2% after 2500 bets i don’t have set settings that i’ve used the whole time i keep tweaking them none of the settings are working

profits(in general) have been going down gradually for the past 2 months at over 5000 bets my yield overall is just barely over 1%

If you keep tweaking all the time then you do not know hat leg to stand on.
Unibet is one of the easiest bookies to make money on.

i wouldn’t be tweaking then if they were working…. what are the settings you use for unibet because whatever ones i’m using don’t work

i’m aware that unibet is supposed to be soft that’s why i’m so annoyed at the fact that i’ve placed 2500 bets and am still down over 2.5% that’s why i’m trying to figure out what bets others are placing with them so i can start making those and avoiding the other ones

The default settings should work fine. Up the min value to 4% and reduce time to start to 12-16h weekdays and around 6 hours on weekends. Preferably higher value the further to match start.
Max odds can be reduced to 2,7 or 2,5 to reduce variance. Kelly at 30%.