So many bets but no hits

How can there be 5520 bets but not come on my screen!!!

It depends on what service plan you are on ( Pro or…) and what filers and bookies you have enabled.

I’m on the pro version and have 9 bookies plus markets using the standard settings but with the time cut to 24 hrs. Just by chance I turned my VPN off briefly and had a whole load of them but I think that may have been coincidence but I’m not sure. I got maybe 7or8 together a couple if times but I manage to get 1 maybe 2 done and they’ve all disappeared. I’m not slow either.

I can not see that the VPN has anything tp do with it. Basically the filter- and bookie settings start to “hide” the available bets. But come on, who wants a +1% 150 hours to start?


:sweat_smile: absolutely no one