Software Bug for Last Several Days

There seems to be an issue with your software over the past several days. I continuously get this red message at the top of my screen. Then I have to refresh.

Also, game loading times appear slower that usual.

Not a software bug, works fine for me and others. Its your issue you’re the only one whos reported it. So issue lies with your setup.

This connection timeout normally happens when your account is logged in another device or another tab at the same time. Can only have 1 tab open at the same time.

I’m sorry but you are wrong. I am well aware of the warning if you have a 2 rebel betting tabs open at same time on 2 different devices. I am well aware of how the software works and have been using it for nearly 9 months.

This issue is happening when I only have one rebelbetting tab open. That is why I am reporting it.

Oh sorry.

Have you cleared your browser cookies and cache?
Tried on a different browser?

Are you on a VPN? I get it sometimes, not often but its the VPN that does it

I can confirm that I experienced this this weekend as well. However, a maximum of 5 times during the whole weekend. It was nothing dramatic, just click on “try” and everything started. Once I had to directly use refresh via F5. Today everything is going without problems. :slightly_smiling_face: