[Solved] Help. Paid subscription still asking to subscribe

Just paid today but system not working

Can anyone sort this out asap please time is ticking

I’m getting the exact same problem. Subscribed to the Pro-tier value betting last night for 3 months, had the money taken from my bank account, but Hanna claims there is no record of me having anything but a trial account.

mine is sorted now. don’t know its system glitch or something else

Mine isn’t sorted and ‘live’ chat are doing nothing to help me out. Claim I don’t have an account with them, despite me sending a screenshot of the confirmation page you get after subscribing. Not replied to any messages for the last 2.5 hours.

@Hanna would really appreciate you sorting this for me ASAP

Sorry for the inconvenience and confusion. Your 3 month subscription was fixed today. We’ve added measures for faster discovery of this specific problem.