[Solved] Little problem with tennis bets log

The log page is putting any bet in the winner of a tennis match as “win 1st set”.
I think the page is correct giving the win when the player win the game, but… it can mix things up sometimes.

Can you please explain this further? I’m no sure I understand what you are referring to.
Thank you

Thanks for reporting. We’re currently looking at some bets which were graded wrong. Could you please contact support with your username and which bet you’re referring to (players and date of match)? Thanks.

I stopped betting in tennis yesterday… so, maybe, the problem is/was already fixed.
The value bet, for example was: Moutet to win, odd 1.70, stake X.
Then I logged in the gambling site and did the bet… then I pressed the LOG BUTTON in the software.
All good, nothing wrong… but, when I checked the bet in the LOG, I found :
Mouted to win the 1st set, odd 1.70, stake X.

So, the tip was ok, the bet was made… but the LOG twisted the bet, instead of WIN THE MATCH, it logged WIN THE 1ST SET.

But, it seemed, the log marked WON in a right way, when the player won the match, not the 1st set… (I hope)

Anyway, maybe a little check should be done.

Well, LOG part is NOT working well…
Match: GOMEZ x SONEGO, the real bet was MATCH GOMES, odd 3.85…

Gomez won the 1st set, but lost the match…

LOG in the software registered : GOMEZ TO WIN 1ST SET, ODD 3.85… and marked WIN just now.

So, there is a problem and everyone should check their tennis win.

The valuebet software does not even have the “win the 1st set” market… but it is logging it.

The example, with pics.
The value bet is MONICA to win the match, odd 2.07.
Bet done, the soft log puts MONICA to win 1st SET, odd 2.07.
AND, If Monica wins the 1st set and lose the match, the soft log will give me a WIN ( I saw this happening in another bet).

So, someone must watch this.

bet log

Thanks for the information. Please see this post regarding this issue BetTracker: Resettled bets 29/9

Also, we will release a new version of the software version where the first set will be made more clear. Currently you can see the first set indication in the main grid (marked 1S).


Thanks, as I pointed yesterday… the log marked my Nicolescu x Collins today as a WIN.
But Collins won the match, Nicolescu only the 1st set… so I had to change it manually in the log.
Thanks for the great work!!!

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