[Solved] No reply from any customer service for a week

Your software said my account had lapsed so I paid a months subscription, only for you to take the payment yourselves again a few days later. Bryan promised me an extra month for free but this has not been added to my account. Several differenet (polite) emails have been ignored. Customer service here the last few weeks has been horrific, whether it is some kind of staffing/cashflow issues or just shocking complacency with your customer base. Either way businesses who continue to treat their customers like this invariably get the customers and business they deserve.

Developers must be on holiday and don’t have enough staff to response to the queries in a timely manner. As a matter of course I agree that it’s not ideal that our issues aren’t get resolved in a reasonable time frame. I posed a question 3+ weeks ago and still waiting… I would appreciate if there was a communication about the current situation and what to expect in terms of response time etc. The worst if you don’t get a response at all just wait…

Post something positive Gabor, you’ll find their reply comes much faster :wink:

Sorry about the slow reply via support. We’re currently getting back to the ones we have missed. Sorry for this!

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Lars, you guys have taken my money AGAIN today when the over-payment made last month was due to see me through to September and I am STILL waiting on s customer service reply.

We’re here guys. Just expect slower customer service during holidays. Sorry about that.

I’ve replied privately to @egg81uk .