[Solved] Subscription not active even though money taken


I subscribed and paid and bank shows money taking but log in to value bet and it states not a subscription and isn’t active

This is a great start - not much faith if the payment system isn’t linked correctly.

And because no one works the weekends at rebel bet as per the message after contacting am going to have 2 days of no service even though paid.

Send a mail to the support. I’m sure Hanna will compensate the time/days lost.

Your subscription seem to be accepted, I will pm you the username. We use emails nowadays remember.

You have two other users as well, this might be what messed things up :wink: Added two days to them as well, and we’ll sort this out on monday.

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the response - you are correct my auto fill used a different email then standard

but thank you for the support

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