Some bookies giving zero VBs

These are the bookies I have set up


I look to put on about 50 bets on a day. The vast majority of VBs come from Unibet, Coolbet, Nordic, Comeon (in that order of VBs). I’ve not had a single VB from Interwetten, Betfred or Sportsbetting.

Been doing this set up for about a month.

Is this just the nature of the bookies, or is there something up with the software searching. I’d have thought I would have some offers VB from other bookies, maybe just 1 or 2, but I’ve had zero…

Are other people experiencing the same? Which bookies are most people getting good VBs from?

I had the same experience with Pinnacle and considering it is a sharp bookmaker I am not that surprised.

I currently use Bet365 and 10Bet, Bwin limited my account because I tried arbitrage and they were not happy about it :slight_smile: I am considering to add Unibet and maybe another soft bookmaker as well.

How many bets per day do you get for each bookie?

Is there one bookie you get more bets from?

Out of 50 bets per day I think 40 of those are with Unibet.

How many bets do you get offer from the sharp bookies? I’m just with soft bookie ‘starter’ plan with RB.

I’m not using sharp bookmakers anymore but in February I did. These are the numbers for sharp:

Pinnacle: 7 bets in 9 days
SBO: 248 bets in 7 days
188Bet: 38 bets in 5 days

Soft bookmakers:

Bet365: 1000 bets in 24 days
10Bet: 360 bets in 24 days
Bwin: 225 bets in 14 days

Sport categories are: Soccer, Basketball, Tennis and Hockey.
Markets: Win, 1X2, Over/Under.

Thanks for the info.

Why are you you not using sharp bookies anymore?

I was thinking of upgrading to Pro level (costs more) and thought one of the advantages was more VBs from sharp bookies, maybe I’m wrong in my thinking…? Did you not not find value with sharp bookmakers?

If you you are looking for more bets, I suggest you sign up to Unibet, I get 50+ a day…

I was told that sharp bookmakers have a much lower yield than soft bookmakers. If you can use softs use them instead. On some sharps like Pinnacle there is a probability of low value (and lesser value bets).

I have an account at Unibet but never used. I need to update my profile and put some money on it. It is just a matter of time and I will do it soon :slight_smile:

Unibet, is my main bookmaker. Get many more VBs.

I’m on the ‘starter’ package and limited to 7% value on bets. I’ve done 200 bets and have these stats


Do you think it is worth paying extra for the ‘pro account’ to get +7% value? It seems that using the sharp bookies might not be worth it, but the extra value could be a benefit, but it costs 2 x ‘starter’, so not sure there is value in it.

Are you a ‘Pro’ subscriber?

I have a Pro package and I can’t tell you whether or not you should switch to Pro. I would suggest choose a strategy with a convenient setup and don’t change anything for a while. Stick yourself for certain settings and package and will see how beneficial it is. I never tried the starter package so I don’t know what the difference is - sorry. You have a very good result, similar to mine, you don’t have a reason to change :slight_smile:

I’ve had a few long days of not really going anywhere. I’m limited to 7% max value, and just wondering id the +7% helps change a flat trend.

I’ve been played with doing accas to boost odds (in play 1.02 - 1.05 odds, usually under x goals in football). If I can make a quick extra 2 - 5% I’ll do it. I don’t do this strategy on every bet, just on a few. Just a little bored of the line being flat. The acca strat is not the issue, just the overall bets are not providing +ve EV this week…

Betting fatigue is setting in I think…


Could you please confirm if you are referring to this value %?


If so, I found that value above 7% produces negative profit and gives higher variance. As a matter of course I don’t have 100k data to draw strong conclusions but I want to do my best to reduce the variance as much as possible with several thousands of bets.

Experienced users would say that your 2000+ bets are not enough to make strong conclusions. I would suggest keep going with your settings or make some minor changes only over a period of time. It is definitely a downswing that you have, everybody has that. You can reconsider your stake % and may decrease it if you feel it as a safe temporary solution.

This is definitely NOT true. :laughing: Betting on value bets above 7% has returned 6.61% yield per bet. (This is after hundreds of thousands of bets).

You’re correct that that variance will increase. (Standard deviation of flat profit change from 0.98 to 1.21 units).

I know that my finding sounds bold at first place :slight_smile: Just a little explanation from my end: I try to control the variance and keep it down and make conclusions after several thousands of data. It takes years to accumulate 100k+ bets/sport/bookmaker to draw strong conclusions and still odds strategy of the bookmaker can change over time and there is no guarantee that the next 100k bets will show the same yield %. Applying statistical techniques on a few thousands of data is a valid approach in my view and sometimes it is too expensive and timely to wait and collect 100k+ data.

Thank you for your guidance, highly appreciate it. It is always good to collide our viewpoints and generate a constructive discussions that all community member can read and comment. I will summarize my 3 months data soon in a different topic.

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