Some information

Hey guys I have a few questions.

I have been a Vb customer some time ago but had to quit due to to many other things going on to focus on the value betting.

Now I want to pick up where I left and take a new subscription. But first 2 questions

  1. Now with all the corona. Are there enough daily valuebets available to stay profitable?

  2. As I am in Belgium I am limited in what bookmakers to choose and currently I only have Bwin. But I read about betinasia. Is there someone that has experience using betinasia black for valuebetting and if it is worthwhile to add it to my bookies beside Bwin?

Waiting for your answers,



Same questions. Is it ok to use brokers with vb? I don’t know but I want to try

BetInAsia black has been added to list of bookmakers so I think it should be ok. I only needed to know if currently with the offer of competitive sports is so low if it still is useful to do value betting because the offer of different games is so low