Something is going on w odds

I am seeing too many obscene value bets today to be true and I already managed to make one after realizing that it in actuality wasn’t a value bet.

Finnish Ice hockey league: HIFK - SaiPa. Draw @4,85 on Bethard 150€ (about 0,9% of my bankroll). Then I checked that on Coolbet the odds would be @5,2 but that didn’t show up on my feed. On Pinnacle ( the sharp to compare to) the odds were 5,0x.

How is this possible?

I think it is because the PRO plan launched.

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Now the same match HIFK-SaiPa: @4.9 for Saipa. BUT Pinnacle has SaiPa @4.54 which is less than 2% value. And given the high odds there is probably no value at all.

Value according to the system: 9.7%.

Something is broken.

I’ve messaged the support. I am not making a single bet until this gets solved :confused:

With the launch of ValueBetting Pro, we added another source of truth. Value bets on Pinnacle can now appear.

But as we’ve said many times before, betting on sharps is not something we recommend for inexperienced traders. We even displayed a warning when you added Pinnacle.

That said, some brave traders have already placed a few hundred bets on Pinnacle. Yield +5,38%! But don’t expect this to stay so high for long :slight_smile:

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So you are saying that Pinnacle is so far from the “truth” that a bet that should be about 0EV (according to Pinnacle line is now 10% EV?! I am not buying this.

What is the new source of truth that replaced Pinnacle??? Is it the same for Starter vb and pro?? Or Starter pack has Pinnacle as the main sharp, and the Pro Version is using the new one.