Something wrong

hey there
after 500 bets i was +50 points
after 4500 bets +50 points

how more i bet how worser it goes
soft bookies 2.43% yield

i hear you…just checked, since mid-october i’m 0 profit. Flatlined for 2 months. Well actually i’m negative if you count subscription cost. Really frustrating giving all the time and effort.

Despite been a “believer”, yesterday I made some checks and I am 0 profit from 22th october till now.
It is just not going up anymore and this should be “mathematical impossible”.

since yesterday -70 points down
120 points from ev line

then i can bet everything blindly odds 2 almost the same

and the yield on softbookies below 1.5% can not be true…it doing worser that i back fhg s on the exchange lol

Compared with the results before October, there is a problem indeed.
My Yield was gained before october…
To give the almost exact numbers:
In 15th october I had 29k of a specific coin, not USD, not EUROs… then I continued to rise till 34k, around 22th oct… then, something happened.
And two month after, I am struggling to mantain me at 29k, almost 28k now…
SO, I lost 5k, almost 6k, in two months, plus the subs for them.
I respect the RB team, because they made me lots of money with my effort just doing the bets… not even in sharp bookies (my big profits were in 888sports and 365), but 2 months more down and I think I am out.


I am, as saying all of this, giving a FEEDBACK, not complaining per si… if the pattern endures for 4 months, I will lose more and more money.

i have the same problem, i never will come back close to the ev line the gap is to big

the member results page suggest there is still some profit in the last weeks…but yes, it would be time that RB comes out with a statement about what they think is happening, if and what they did, and what the detailed numbers over the whole system are. Also, I strongly assume they are monitoring their competitors - are they suffering the same?

I also start to sometimes question the value on those value bets…they are sometimes too easy, too high and too liquid on the sharps (BetInAsia, Sportmarket).

I am also down (actually making a loss currently), and Pro has made it worse, I guess that’s because I just book so much more.

also, the comparison to the closing line would be very valuable. I guess we could see if we are still betting on value bets or not…


1.90 %

soft bookies…can not be the true 4500 bets done

I guess I’ll stop betting for now and wait for some more information on what RB thinks is happening. As it looks now, it will be an easy free extension to my subscription with the losses I am making (and already made). So I’ll wait…

maybe it is the variance…
because in trading soccer it was also not the best week

We know this is valuable to you and many of you are requesting this, so we’re working on adding closing line. On average our users beat the closing line in more than 86% of the cases.

If you have followed the recommended settings and placed the bets required, you are eligible for the profit guarantee of 1 free month. Also, I want to emphasise that you need a bigger sample size of bets to reduce the variance. Please read more about why the volume of bets matters.

Contact me and my colleagues at support (on our website chat) or email directly and we’ll help.

Thanks Hanna,

the profit guarantee says that we get a free month for as long as we don’t make a profit. But we can talk about that once the second month was negative :wink:

I am aware about the number of bets and variance. I currently only have 850 bets. But I do invest a lot of effort (i.e. spending >12h actively monitoring the feed and bet on EVERYTHING I can). So for me, only able to bet on sharps, it might not be possible to make more than 1000 bets or so a month.
This is by the way why I am interested in the closing line numbers. I understand the average better beats the closing line consistently, but I might not be average here. Looking forward to the upgrade! :slight_smile:
I know that for Trademate Sport, they advertise something over 2% EV, but for sharps only 0.5%. My EV on here currently is >4%, which would be awesome and I’d love that to be true, but it is kinda hard to believe when it’s only going down :wink: