Sort by value or time of the event?


Does it make sense to sort the bets by value instead of start time? Or is a higher value automatically associated with a higher risk of loss?

Higher value has nothing to do with the risk.
I sort according to start but many according to value. Both works.

Higher value has a lot to do with risk? I see you meant different thing here.
The higher EV bets you make, the less likely you are to suffer a long losing streak due to bad luck, given the average odds placed are not very high.

It depends on the situation. If you have an unlimited bankroll then you just wanna place bets on all value bets you can find. If you have an smaller bankroll and want to turn over as much as possible (as I do) you definitely, especially on the weekends, want to prioritise time of the event, I manage to bet my entire bankroll three times over last Saturday which is a lot more profitable than only turnover it one time with higher value.

Bottom line is that you want to place as many bets as possible with value. If you have two available bets to place, one with value of 9% and one with value of 3% you want to place a bet on them both, thats the most profitable.

Higher value doesn’t have to do with any risk. In the long run the value-betting system is as secure as the bookmakers making money and the the reason profit and ROI can go down is due to variance, not risk.

Volume is king, more volume, more profit. Due to this, value-betting has very little to do with both finding and placing value bets. The big problem is to get access to new accounts to be able to keep placing bets when the bookmakers limit you, everything apart from this, is very simple (if you have the money to pay for software as rebelbetting).

If you have 1000 USD in the bank and there is two bookies available, you can choose to place bets on both. The bookies only offers you placing bets on one type of game, a coinflip. Both bookies have a max bet of 10 dollars a bet and you can only place one bet per bookie every hour. Bookie 1 offers you 2.03 times your money every time it lands on tails (value of 3%) and bookie 2 offers you 2.09 times your money every time it land on tails (value of 9%).

If you only choose to place bets on bookie 2, you will in the long run make a much larger yield %. than you would placing bets on both bookies or only bookie 1. But if you place bets on both bookies, although your yield will be lower per bet, your actual profit in dollars will be a lot higher, due to higher volume of bets.

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