Sorting results on tracker tab

I’m currently in the 30 day trial subscription period and getting a feel for everything. Nearly 100 bets in and a 7.7% yield - not bad.

Is there any way to sort the tracker tab by a particular column? It would be nice to have all the pending bets at the top of the screen or to sort by match start time.

Thank you.

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Hi ezgoer89,

I replied to an old thread because I wasn’t sure how else to message you XD

I am new to value betting in general and currently am on rebelbettings free trial.

I saw you said you were in the U.S. and was wondering if you were in a State that has legalized gambling or if you used offshore bookies.

I am currently in a state that has not legalized gambling so I am stuck with limited options. The only bets that are showing up regualrly that I can actually bet on are through Bovada. Just wanted to bend your ear and see if you had any insight into this or how I could get access to more bets from different bookies.

Hi. I am in a state with legal online gambling. I have access to about ten sportsbooks, but focus on just a few. I also use Bovada.

I think you are going to have to open as many offshore accounts as possible if you want this to work. Yes, there are some bets that pop up for Bovada, but you are not going to have enough volume.

Thanks for the reply,

Are the sports books you use (the main ones at least) ones that are offshore? or just for your current state?

And yea thats my issue, I am trying to find what books to use on rebel that will give me more volume because as you said Bovada alone wont cut it.

The two main ones I use are onshore: BetRivers & ParxBet. Some action shows up for FanDuel and DraftKings, but I use Bovada more. Those are the only ones I use.

Gotcha. I have now started using WagerWeb and Betonline in addition to Bovada but volume still seems low.

On the bets page (using the free trial) it says 2000+ bets available with Rebelbettingpro. Is that with all the filters/bookmakers? Or just my filters. I am assuming the former.

That indicates all the bets available with all the bookies. For example, right now, I have a couple of bets available but there are 2,071 with all bookies.

Also - yes, you are in a tough spot living in a state without onshore bookies. The soft bookies are where you can get value and the most opportunities pop up. I’m really not sure you are going to be able to generate enough volume using only offshore.

I’ve been able to submit 31 bets today and only five are offshore.

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Yeah that’s what I figured.

But that’s what it’s looking like unfortunately. :confused:

Well I really appreciate your time!