Sport filtering and intro

Hello all.

I bought a month’s licence of RB Pro this morning after seeing good reviews online.

I come from a value horse racing background so I am comfortable with losing runs and high variance. One of the systems that I use has an estimated longest losing run (ELLR) of over 40 bets. It was my background in casino bonus bagging for over a year that trained me to have the discipline to mentally support long losing runs that most profitable horse racing systems come with.

Pretty much all of my bookmaker accounts are restricted or brutally closed. My Bet365 account was closed using a gambling problem as a pretext when my Bet365 had 11 profitable months during the previous year!

I joined RB as I would like to start tennis value betting. Second to golf, it probably has the best ROI for sports and there are a lot of matches throughout the season. I like watching tennis too.

So here are my questions:

*Can sports be filtered on RB so that only tennis value bets are shown?

*Can pre-match value prices be matched in-play on the Betfair exchange? After a high volume of bets, it doesn’t matter if the pre-match value price was matched before or after the coin toss - am I right? (If this works, I foresee some bets not being matched if my selection as a great start (wins the toss, breaks early and finishes strongly) but if I am able to bet with a high volume, I could put this down as a cost of business.

*When covering Betfair’s 2% commission, is it simply a matter of increasing one’s minimum value filter by two percentage points?

One last question:

Soft bookmaker accounts which restrict stake sizes because of horse racing betting success; do they automatically restrict stake sizes for shorter odds sports?

I have found the tennis filter.

Happy days, there are quite a few value selections.

Welcome to RebelBetting! :slight_smile:

You can set the commission on the “Bookmaker tab” in Options.

Have you checked out our support page? If not please do
And our value betting manual can be found here: Get support for RebelBetting - Sports betting help, FAQs & guides

The manual is also accessible from inside the program. :slight_smile: Also there are many tooltips as well guiding you on specific settings.

Hello Hanna, I have set the commission rate.

I was just wondering if members add the commission to the value price with the aim of being matched on the exchanges either pre-match or in-play.

I.e. for a recommended value price 3 which is subject to 0.02 commission on Betfair…

3+(3x0.02) = 3.06

As I have very few soft bookmaker accounts left, I would try to obtain 3.06 to be matched either before the game or in-play. Tennis is so volatile, in-play prices sometimes drift to the pre-match value price.

This is my plan. If this does not work, my RB career would likely be short owing to my lack of bookmaker accounts.