Sportmarket - Anyone!?

has anyone here tried to really go with Sportmarket (or any of the Asians/Sharps)
They currently have an offer where they match your deposit up to 250€ (think it is until end of August). Thinking of dipping my toes to the tune of 1000€.
TMS have support for Asians/Sharps on their very pricey pro package. They recommend a bankroll of 20.000€ before going with them. I know that on some of them there is a limit of min bet size. For Sportmarket it is a minimum of 10€.
Feel free to share your thoughts.

whats tms?

TradeMate Sports.

best site ever.Well sport market is not bad .Just have in mind that u need to wager your first deposit 3 or 5 times before u can withdraw.Its hard to find valubets but u can get 30-50 bets a week normally.

Have you xtc69 (or anyone else for that matter) any experience with TMS Pro version and how many VB they would identify in a week? Have difficult to find that information.

And thank you. I appreciate all the information.