Sportmarket, information request

Hello, I am addressing those who have and use Sportmarket.

I am intending to open an account through Sportmarket in order to be prepared when I am sooner or later restricted by my current bookmaker.
From what I understand Sportmarket is a broker and by registering with it I can bet on the bookmakers it offers via one account.
What I am asking is this:

  1. once I have registered with Sportmarket will I have access to all the bookmakers it offers automatically or do I have to register with each one?
  2. When I bet with a bookmaker is the money taken from the Sportmarket central account or do I have to split the Sportmarket account among the various bookmakers?
  3. If I already have an account with one of the bookmakers that Sportmarket offers, is there a problem?
  4. In Rebelbetting Pro I have seen that in the list of bookmakers it is possible to add Sportmarket. If I add the latter, will the bets of all bookmakers offering Sportmarket (Betfair, Pinnacle, Sbo …etc.) be shown? Or do I have to add every single book offered by Sportmarket? Does Sportmarket have its own odds?

Thank you.

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Great question. Id be interested in the answer, particularly point 4.

You do not have to add/enable the bookmakers offered by Sportmarket in RebelBetting. You only have to add Sportmarket.

All Sportmarket odds will be shown as “Sportmarket” in the list of bets in RebelBetting. When clicking the bet, you will be taken to the Sportmarket website, where you have to find the bet manually. In the betslip you can see which bookmaker represents the odds.

Note this: The odds we get from bet brokers like Sportmarket is the raw odds, with no deduction of commission. This may be why the odds differ a bit.

The odds shown on the bet slip in RebelBetting are always the net odds you will receive so that the odds offered by the bookmakers and bet-exchanges are comparable with each other letting the system place your bet at the best net odds. Unfortunately this is the only way we can present the odds. Visit the Sportmarket FAQ for quick answers to many questions.

normally when y got the alerts y will enter to the game the odds already much lower
all what y can do put one order maybe later one will get matched or not