Sportmarket - what is it exactly + extra info

Good Afternoon,

As i’m being limited from more & more bookmakers, i’m almost out of options to continue valuebetting…

I’ve looked at the bookmaker lists provided by rebbelbetting and unfortunately most of them are not possible to register if you’re from Belgium…

Now, i’ve also found sportmarket and i have a couple of questions:

  • They mention their service is completely free but they take a small percentage. Is that a small percentage of the bet you place of a small percentage of the profit you make on the bet?

  • Does sportmarket ban you for valuebetting / surebetting?

  • If you have rebbelbetting pro, are there a lot of bets for sportmarket? Can you use them as your only bookmaker? Are they profitable long term?

Thanks in advance for any info on them, as they could be my only option further soon.


Hey Vince, shoot me a message trough discord I could help you further with extra tips since I am also from Belgium