Stake sizing with each bet

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I’m new to this🤣

I signed up here 2 days ago, and all is going well so far. Been reading through the community today and I’m wondering what I should be doing in regards to stake sizing? My bank roll is £1000, and so I’ve been changing the suggested stake to £10 for each bet even if it suggests £9 or £12 for example. Is this the wrong way to go about things? Should I just be staking what the software suggests for the best results?

reason it does that is to adjust for odds, for example odds 2.5 and above are going to win alot less oftern than odds 2 or below, so at higher odds the system will use less stake, which is equalled out in the fact that higher odds returns more. I’d stick to the suggestions.

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You should not change it. It’s there for a reason. Higher odds will have lower stake to balance the variance. Keep it to what rebelbetting is suggesting you. :slight_smile:

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Okay thank you for your help guys!:slight_smile: