Standard or Pro version?

I have read a lot of topics, watched stats and so on, but most of them (I’d say 95%) were from the standard version of Value Betting. I’m wondering how much difference can there be between the two versions. I’m from Italy so most of my bets will be on Bet365, and then what will happen when they will limit me? Maybe some weeks and the limit will arrive unfortunately, so it’s better to start already with the better version and get used to the sharps, asian books and so on perhaps? Or its not worth it in your opinion? Share your experience, I need to take a decision fast :thinking:

I started with the basic but switched to Pro within a few days to get access to the exchanges and the higher value bets.

How difficult it is to use the BetinAsia software and bet on multiple websites/accounts? And the value is higher there?

very difficult to use exchange as u have to see there is right odd for the bet