Starting balance of £500 | Follow My Progress! (2 Weeks In)

Hey everyone!

I’ve been finding it super encouraging seeing everyone else post their journey’s and result so thought I would add to this with my own journey so feel free to keep checking back for updates!

As of today I finished the 2 week trial and have just signed up for the Starter Package. Starting balance was £500 and profit from the two weeks has been £163.78 from 523 bets in total!

The 24 bets on there is from today since signed up with the Starter.

My settings are currently the default given on sign up. I usually have the Time To Start set to 24hours, may set to 6 or 12 on weekends to get bets done and finished quickly.

Bookies situation is: Bet365, SkyBet, BetVictor, Coral, Betfred, Unibet, BWin, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power

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Bookies situation is: Bet365, SkyBet, BetVictor, Coral, Betfred, Unibet, BWin, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power. Im stake limited on Ladbrokes, Coral (was gubbed from promos when I started), Paddy Power, Unibet and I got banned from Boylesport after making just £9.

Did try using Leovegas but the odds were wrong constantly.

Now have access to a second lot of accounts through parents so going to try and hammer on both. Will use a mobile for the second ones using only 4G.

Other things that may be helpful: I try to bet on things that are closest to the match time as priority, I have also taken off the “50% first month” offer sub fee from my current balance to keep everything together so not to be putting extra money in. It would be great if this could happen automatically as a feature request maybe?

If anyone has any tips on making my settings better I’d def be interested to hear more but very happy with results so far :grinning:

I’ll update again around 1000 bets and happy to answer any questions although I understand I’m still VERY early in the game. Looking forward to a huge down-swing to knock my confidence soon :rofl:

Also quick question….

How many bets are people having open at a time on each website? With bet365 I’ve had 15 at most but can I push this more safely? I can’t tell if I’m holding back or not

Your settings are great. Note that if you have longer TTS then you should go for higher value.
I could have 100+ bets in play with B365 but more common for me would be around 80-90ish…
I think most bettors, including me, turn of Adjust For Open Bets (AFOB).
Be ready for the downswing since you currently, statistically, are way above the expected yield.
All-in-all a great start!

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Really appreciate the feedback!

With the Adjust For Open Bets turned off, is there anything I need to be aware of? Does it increase risk in any way with me having a lower balance? With current profit I’m at £720 current

It does increase risk AND it increases the chances for profit.
If you have time on your hand and want to have the Kelly working properly and want to reduce the variance then turn off AFOB, increase max stake to at least 2.5% and reduce fractional Kelly to 25. During a normal weekend it will take about 100 bets to get the whole bankroll into play.
Please note that I am a bettor, just like most of us here in the community and this is based on my experience after more than 30k in profit.

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So it’s now been 1000 bets, just under 3 weeks and things have been booming!

First important thing to report is that we’ve added more money to the starting balance. My partner has decided to get involved with me and put in another £500 and we have her set-up using one of my parents accounts (full bank account) and using an old phone with a fresh sim. We are paying £10 on pay-as-you-go for 10GB data for the month so hopefully that will do it!

Before she got involved, which was 3 days ago, my profit from my £500 was at £337.46. Now with her input and 3 days later we are now at £698 profit which is insane! (£634 after expenses)

We decided to keep all settings as they were before following the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” motto

Account situation is currently:

Mine: Bet365, Skybet (Limited), Unibet (Limited), Paddy (Limited), Bwin, 888sport, Ladbrokes (Limited), Coral (Limited), Betfred, Betvictor

Hers: Bet365, Williamhill, Skybet, 888sport, Boylesport

We are going to sort a few more in the next few days as well.

With it going so well still I’m def expecting the dreaded downswing anytime now! Maybe this weekend will be the one to crush my dreams :rofl:

May do a report after the weekend and see if our luck is still going!

Have a few quick questions:

1: At what point do people tend to not increase their max stake anymore? If people have thousands in the bank are they putting on bets for hundreds at a time and getting away with it? I know we are no where near that yet but just wondered if there was a recommended limit

2: If the dreaded downswing does show up sometime, do you just keep the same settings and just adjust current balance each day depending on how much is lost? Just wanna be prepped haha

2000 Bet Update


Mine: Bet365, Skybet (Limited), Unibet (Limited), Paddy (Limited), Bwin (Limited), 888sport, Ladbrokes (Limited), Coral (Limited), Betfred, Betvictor, Parimatch, Bet UK, Casumo (Limited)

Hers: Bet365, Williamhill, Skybet, 888sport, Boylesport (Limited), Ladbrokes (Limited), Coral (Limited)

It’s now been 2000 bets and a total of 1 month and 3 days so very happy with the result so far! Had the first taste of a downswing which took us from 1100 down into the 400s for a while, but luckily it’s back up and now we are just above 1100 ready for this weekend.

Settings are all the same except I’ve now turned off Adjust For Open Bets to allow for more higher bets now our bankroll is bigger.

I’ve also set up 2 filters. First one is for any accounts that are still fully running and the second is for any accounts that are limited. On this one I have it set to 300hrs and to hide low tier games to make sure the ones that do show are most likely to decent stakes. Seems to be working well so far. The fully running accounts are usually set to 12 hours.

Here’s the rest of the stats for anyone who’s interested…


Thanks for your updates! It is great to follow your betting journey. :partying_face:

3000 Bet Update

Current Profit: £4199.11 (+£3079.11)
Total Time using RB: 1 Month 23 Days
Starting Bankroll: £500 during trial and then £500 extra added when signed up with starter

Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 10.19.27

Last 1000 bets have been pretty crazy. Huge jump in profits! :moneybag:

Account Health:

Accounts Set 1:

Working: 888Sport, Betvictor, Parimatch, Betfred
Limited: Bet365, Coral, Ladbrokes, Paddy, BetUK, Betway, Casumo, Bwin, Unibet, Boyle, Skybet, William Hill

Accounts Set 2:

Working: 888Sport, Paddy (Slightly Limited), Bwin, Betfred, Boyle (Slightly Limited)
Limited: Bet365, Coral, Ladbrokes, Paddy, BetUK, Betway, Casumo, Bwin, Unibet, Skybet, William Hill

So since the last update there has been a lot of accounts getting limited. We did continue using them for a while, but have now decided to empty those accounts and just focus on the ones that do work and getting max volume on these. We can always come back to them again later if we get stuck.

We are also in the process of setting up Account Set 3 which a family member has given me access to. Warming up accounts on those at the moment so they will be in action soon. I’m actually recording exactly how I do the warm ups to try and get an idea of what may / may not make a difference so may report back on that soon.

For Account Set 3 we have set up another phone with SIM card and data-plan.

I think from next month we will probably hop over to the Pro subscription to take advantage of Betfair. As well as this we will be signing up for any other bookies on the other sets we have yet to use which leads me perfectly on to this…

The Ultimate UK Bookmaker List

I kept reading about Clone Bookies so decided to do some research and discovered there are a few around that we can utilise on RB. If you are a UK Better then check out the link below for all my findings and please add any extra you find to the list. Hopefully this should help massively in keeping us betting for as long as possible!

Deciding Max Stake

So as we have shot up in profits, obviously so has the maximum stake. I’ve been unsure how high to keep increasing this so currently I have set my Current Bankroll to just 4000 in order to keep a max of £60 per bet. Should I keep raising this or stay here? Any advice from any of the longtime betters on here would be amazing!

Think that’s everything! Very excited to be nearing the 5K mark which will be 10% of 50K goal! :grinning:

If anyone wants to know anything else just let me know!


I think :thinking: you should keep your settings to beat the edge examples, keep it steady at 2.0 odds make sure you bet more 40 games a day

This is exactly the type of research we need. :pray:t6: Thank you for being the one doing it lol we are all in the same boat hoping to be successful. You’re crushing it I hope you can keep it up

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Sorry, I have no idea what you are writing about. Can you explain what you mean?

When I was hitting around 750SEK (slightly less than 60£) the bets were starting to get slightly limited on very few markets. At about 150£ it was about every second bet that got limited.

4000 Bet Update

Current Profit: £3791.83 (-£407.28)
Total Time using RB: 2 Months 27 Days (Start Jan 19th)
Starting Bankroll: £500 during trial and then £500 extra added when signed up with starter

Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 11.37.02

So it’s been a bit of a whirlwind last 1000! After an insane upswing, which at one point was almost about to hit 5K, suddenly came the downswing dropping me to back in to the top end of the £2000’s at one point! It was gonna happen eventually :rofl:

Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 12.02.17

Quite a huge blow but all part of the game and luckily, with the exception of about 5 minutes of doom, I’m still over the CLV line and starting to climb my way back up. It’s been hovering around the mid 3000’s for a good week or so now but hoping to see that start to shoot back up soon. It appears most people are having the same issue currently which makes me feel a bit better haha

Still have made around £1150 per month so far (after any expenses) so can’t complain! :moneybag: :grinning:

Active Accounts:

Set 1
Active: Parimatch, Betfred, Smarkets, BetFair Exchange
Limited: Betfair Sportsbook, Bet365, Skybet, Unibet, Paddy, Bwin, 888sport, Ladbrokes, Coral, Betvictor, Bet UK, Casumo

Set 2
Active: 888Sport, Betfred, Paddy Power (Limited), Boyle (Limited)
Limited: Bet365, William Hill, SkyBet, Ladbrokes, Coral

Set 3
Active: None
Limited: Bet365 (Limited)

Since the last update I have switched to pro so managed to get a few new bookies and sharps involved and I’ve had quite a few more limited. We set up Bet365 on the new Set 3 and that got limited after 4 days. I attempted to do a warm up but obviously didn’t make any difference and one intense weekend just finished it off.

My warm up was…

Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 11.51.42

Did matched betting offer and then mug bets which I laid on Smarkets for small loss. I used the odds monkey matcher to find these. (Q= Qualifier, M=Mug)

Maybe I just didn’t do enough before going in full steam but who knows! If anyone has any advice on what they do, let me know!

I also started using my Betfair sports book I’ve had for a while and that lasted a week and had a few more limited along the way.

As of today, I have been mainly used my Parimatch account which for some reason got limited and then came back to life again and I’ve been doing 95% of all my bets with! No idea how that happened but happy for it! haha

Sharp Value Betting

I’m sure a few of you will be interested to know how I’ve been getting on using Smarkets and Betfair so here are my stats for those…

Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 11.56.29
Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 11.56.21

Smarkets has seemed to be the easier of the two to get the bets on but still early days. Happy to see Smarkets in profit tho!

Max Stake

Due to the drop in profits I obviously adjusted where needed and have been mostly at £55 bets. Can probably bring back up to £60 now though. Still not sure if I should venture further than that tho!

What’s The Plan Now

I mainly need to just sign up to some more bookies and increase the bet volume as it’s been a bit lower last few weeks just down to being busy and only having a few to use. I’m off on Holiday in 2 weeks though so may just stick with what I have for now, put a pause on RB when I’m away, and then when I’m back can go in hard to get that profit line back up high! It’s going to happen. Mission 50K is still very much alive!

If anyone wants to know anything else let me know.
See you again at 5000 bets! :rocket:

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Really nice post and thank you for sharing!

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which bookie you like the most? (limits you later than most of them)