Starting member from Italy

I am an Italian user new to the world of value betting and I wanted to share, in addition to the results, which for now obviously are not yet statistically significant, thoughts and opinions (I particularly appreciate if there was someone from Italy).

I started with RB a few days ago and, although I’m still slighty negative, I’m satisfied. Also because I am aware that the number of bets I have placed is still very low.


This because before discovering RB I had tried another Italian value betting service which was absolutely terrible. It didn’t even mention Kelly’s criterion, it suggested always betting the same amount regardless of the value and the odds and, what I now suspect, the value identified was not really worth. With the same number of bets that I placed here on RB, on that service I had an ROI of -40% (!!!) with a loss of over €800. I repeat, I understand the concept of variance by now, but that was definitely too much.

However, since a few years ago I used to do matched betting, unfortunately I am limited on many Italian bookmakers. In Italy some bookies are truly ridiculous, and limit you as soon as you win and/or bet frequently (even without winning). The only one that offers valuable odds and that I’m using is bet365 so I’m afraid that it will soon limit me with the amount of bets I daily do (20/30).

The problem is that in Italy the bookmakers’ offer is very poor. Even those that are present on RB (such as Sisal, Snai, Eurobet) rarely offer value bets (I don’t know if it depends on RB or the fact that the major european leagues are ended). version (called “Pinnacle Beta”) is absolutely terrible, with very few sports and even fewer markets.

For this reason I was thinking of signing up to foreign sharp books such as the .com version of Pinnacle but I am doubtful as Italian law is quite insidious on these issues. Sorry for the length of my post :sweat_smile: If any Italian (or non-Italian) user wants to give me advice and exchange opinions, I’m open to anything. Happy betting everyone and sorry for my poor english!

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Ciao Skinz,
Welcome to the community.
Go for it as long as possible and I suggest that you already start to line up B365 accounts that you can “rent” or “borrow” from friends, family and co-workers.