Starting with many restricted accounts

Good morning, I am testing the free trial version to get a feel on how the software works.
I wanted to ask a question to experienced users before I embark on the journey and invest some money.

Is it possible to still make decent profits with surebets only using brokers, exchanges and a few traditional bookies?
Many of my traditional accounts (Bet365, WH, Ladbrokes, Skybet, etc) have been restricted over time after profiting off them with matched betting and horse racing value betting.

Thank you in advance

Pretty much impossible to use it with only exchanges, since that is where they get their probabilities in the first place.

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Agree 100% with @emilovich

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Thank you both. That is what I feared. I can still access Pinnacle and SBO through broker and I have some accounts still active like Betfair, marathon, Dafabet,…
I Guess I will try and subscribe for a month to see if I can make it work with these.
Otherwise I’ll give up

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