Statistical betting analysis

Hello everyone,
I’m Rui and I’m in my first month here at RB, fantastic software, it just needs some additional filters which I’ve already suggested here in the community.
But obviously the path is not easy if we do not study well how to maximize profits and for that I need your collaboration, I need a kind soul to provide me with a report of bets placed (+10k bets placed, the more the merrier), which you can easily get in RB export both to excel.
I created an excel sheet looking for patterns with filters, I am passionate about statistics and there are always interesting patterns

Sport type vs market type vs time before kick off vs odds vs % value bet vs winnings…

In other words, it allows you to know where money is being made and where money is being lost.
As I am new to RB, I only have 1K bets placed which does not allow me to accurately detect certain details, although I have detected an interesting pattern in basketball that I would like to confirm and share with you, but for that it would take thousands of bets which I have not have.

The RB team could make it available, but I don’t know if it would be in their interest, so I asked my colleagues in the community and anyone who could to send me an extended report, in exchange I will make the spreadsheet available in excel as soon as it is fully tested and elaborate.
My email:

I can send you mine. I got 12k bets

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Look if it helps
it’s not divided by sport for the simple reason that I have the ‘start’ version and I don’t want to spend 12000 bets dividing them by sport

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Thanks, emilovich

Thanks, MR88

It is not necessary to separate anything, excel after being parameterized with many formulas does it by itself, it analyzes all the data, by sport, odds, time, etc…

Man I’m really looking forward to your findings after crunching the numbers :grin:

When you finish analysing on 10k bets, Can you send the results? Or Can you tell us what you learned?

I’m happy to share the statistical analysis, but I’m going to need more reports, 12K are so I saw a very small sample to draw anything conclusive, so I ask everyone who has the professional version to send me your reports in excel (I still don’t understand why the starter version doesn’t allow this without resorting to more complex means).
To give you an example that 12k is a small sample, in all sports the odds between 1.8 and 1.90 result in negative results with the exception of basketball whose unfavorable odds are between 1.9 and 2.0.
This is mathematically puzzling, I can only conclude that the sample is too small.
The intention is to provide the RB community with data that allows reducing variances that lead to demotivation when the bets do not go as we want.
In conclusion, for there to be results, it is necessary to share data.
I know that the CEO of RB has this data in the order of hundreds of thousands of bets, this data was enough to draw very interesting conclusions.

rebelbetting owners definitely have everyone’s bets saved. A backtesting service would be useful

Hello Rui,

I have read your analysis at tennis as well, my comment is that not only profit results are important, but finding max CLV giving settings.