Still dont understand how this value betting works

please after seeing a bet like this:

AH(1) Sparta Prague

Viktoria Plzen vs Sparta Prague

Asian Handicap

Czech Republic - 1st League




what do i do?

Hi! I am happy to help you and guide you further. But first please check out the ValueBetting web manual for more in depth details about the interface of the web version.

Regarding your example bet:
AH(1) means that the bet type is Asian Handicap 1, and you should bet on the participant Sparta Prague. The Match is between Viktoria Plzen and Sparta Prague. Its a match in the Czech Republic 1st league. And the number 19 means that it is 19 hours before the match starts. The sport is soccer and the bookmaker is Marathon.

If you have registered an account at Marathonbet and deposited money there, you can just press the bet button and locate the bet on Marathonbet to place a value bet with them. Before confirming the bet, always double check that the information is still valid and that the odds are the same.

To read more about Asian handicap bets, go here:

Feel free to email or catch us on our live chat to get more one on one help.

Thanks hanna,

By placing this bet alone, how is it profitable?

@ugobanks please read this:

it appears you guys do not want to clarify the questions i asked. I have also sent emails but no one is responding

I have read the guide and raised a few questions but no one is helping.

Hi! I’m sorry. We are here to assist you. Please see your mail inbox as I have replied to you there. Note that you cannot always expect to get an instant reply. Sometimes it can take up to a day (or more, if you email us on weekends). But we always try to help you as fast as we can.

Nwannem Ugobank,
What it means or what you’ll look for is AH2(1)

Hi! This is an Asian handicap bet, please read more about Asian handicap bets here. I also suggest you check out this blog post as it covers the most common bet types and what they mean.

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