Still not getting limited by bet365

but how to you decide how much to bet on betfair so that you can make sure you are not losing too much??

I still use the match betting software but you work it out yourself just by looking at what you win in the bookies to what you would lose in the ecxchange or the other way round for example lets say you are trying to get 100 out of bet365 so you bet £100 on a football match team A to win. the odds are low so, for example sake if you win the bet would return £120 so £20 profit. if you put £97 on Team A not to win in the exchange it will tell you your liability which might be £23 so if TEAM A does win then you will lose £23 from betfair and gain £20 in bet365 so you have a lose of £3 if team A does not win then you would have moved £97 into betfair ready to withdraw. Obviously the higher the odds you go for the more likely it is that you move the money into the exchange but it also means that if the bookie wins then you have moved alot more money into the bookies. The bookies love it when you bet on the favourites because the odds are in their favour. I find it better to bet on favourites and wait for one to lose. if you look around you can get odds that are very close and it can cost you next to nothing to move the money


betting on draws normally works well as they are least likely and the odds in the bookie to exchange are normally quite close

thank you very much for this answer…this will help me a lot! thanks

whats your settings could you please share?