Still not getting limited by bet365

I still don’t know why bet365 not limiting me yet. I bet over 7600 bets already and I only bet on bet365. My earning is way above reported the limit zone around 5000-7000 USD already. My starting bankroll is around 1300 USD.

Is any one experience this or it is just me ? Or bet365 increase the threshold to limited players ? Pls share with me

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lucky you :grin:

I don’t think its lucky. I think there is something that trigger their Limitation. Still try to figure it out tho

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How many bets are you placing with them per day?

On weekday around 30-40 bets. On the weekend 80-100. Sometimes even more

Awesome! That’s great. I hope you can run unlimited for long.

Are you betting on certain sports or just betting on everything that comes through?

I just turn off for only Esport. Odd is 1.3 to 2.5. The value percentage from 2.5%. That’s it

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Nope. Not true. I don’t use anything except for rebelbetting. I bet everything appear on the screen.

Betslayer is sure betting, just like our sure betting service. The owner is a good guy, but of course I think RebelBetting is the stronger product :wink: The risks of being limited are the same. For example, we always hide the referrer so bookmakers cannot see you’re using RebelBetting.

I see now they haven’t updated their service or communicated anything since last year, so not sure what’s up with them.

if you take money out too often, = Limit (I think that’s what happened to me)?

I take our 30% of my bankroll every Sunday night. And deposit it again around next Friday. Been doing this since the beginning

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Why are you withdrawing and depositing the money back? Do you think that this is the common behaviour of a gambler and might help from restrictions?

I really don’t know. I just do that bc i don’t feel comfortable leaving all of my bankroll in my betting account. maybe that helps

why are you taking out 30% on a sunday and then you deposit it back ?

Well, not so many bet on weekdays. What is the point of keeping the money in betting account anyways.

I have recently come over to value betting after match betting for 2 years and making over £40,000. I have exahausted all my bonus options with most bookies except bet365 so having these accounts limited would be devastating… The best way I can see to keep accounts unlimited is to appear that you are losing money. check your account in the history and check the win/lose option for each month if you are winning then try to lose the money into an exchange such as smarkets or betfair by laying a bet off losing a minimum qualification cost. i.e bet the outsider to win in bet365 then lay the same bet in the exchange essentially laundering the money through the exchange and giving bet365 the appearance you are losing. No bookie wants to limit a customer that is losing money regularly


Hi, where is the balance of the month at bet365?

Of all the suggestions that keeps being repeated online about how to avoid getting limited, then Nolip5’s suggestion is the only one that makes sense.
The drawback, as I see it is, it will require quite a lot of extra work. Lets say you need to “launder” 10k€. You will need to find “almost” Arb bets to match and place those bets. I’m not sure what the max stake can be on those bets. When I tried staking 400-500€ I started to get limitations. That was for B365 in Sweden.
Nolip5, with your experience in matched betting, maybe you can share the staking limits and strategy?

I feel kinda lucky too. I started with bet365, unibet and betwinner. My initial investment is 210 USD (70 usd each book).

Betwinner I managed to profit off of them about 1.5k USD before they start to reduce the odds of my account. When I wanted to withdraw, they asked for all kinds of weird things like picture of my face, their email message and my ID card all in 1. Managed to withdraw all.

I couldn’t profit off of unibet. I managed to grow my account from 70 USD to 800 USD and proceed to try and withdraw 500 USD. They blocked my account citing investigations. Until today (4 months past) still no updates. I can never log in Unibet at all.

The balance, I’m positive with b365, still yet to be limited. I took all the precautions like making sure I have few hundred left after withdrawal, only withdrawing once every 2 months, consistent bets, keeping my bank roll below 4k USD at any given time. I keep my stakes small (1% or below rounded down of my account size at b365). I throw in some long term futures bet for fun like for NBA with same stake. Works good so far.

Helps to be living in a country where the currency is devalued so much that 1k USD is worth a lot of money. The average fresh grad monthly salary is about 500USD and going down because of currency exchange.