Struggle to find Arbs. Is it really works?

Hi dear winners!

I just started with RebelBetting one week ago.

As an experienced bettor, I always knew about surebet/arbitrage way to bet. But never really tried cause I always conclude that’s is really hard to succeed without a trusty software and big Bankroll.

So here I am, I choose to give it a try with RB software who seems professionnal and trustable.

In theory, it’s work, I first tried to go with the bookmakers I had already filled.

Bet365, Pinnacle and Betfair.

My strategy was first to see if surebets exist between these three bookmakers. The results were not really good, but I expected that, cause except Pinnacle, I knew that Bet365 and Betfair are only for long term betting / Exchange strategy, these are not good for daily betting.

So I tried to extend the list of bookmakers and see if some bookies appear often with my three favorite bookmakers and especially if they match with my residency/travelling lifestyle.

I am an Estonian Resident/Living in Thailand actually. So the bookmaker should accept my country for register and especially allow me to connect when I travel in Asia.

This part was quite hard, but I succeeded to find two bookmakers who accept my situations and where arbs appear often between them and Bet365/Pinnacle.

These books were 18Bet and Sportmarkets.

So after my second phase of test was over, I fullfiled these bookmakers and I was ready to start for the pratical phase.

After one week of try, I can say without a doubt that it is a big fail.

I had around 30 to 50 surebet per day between Bet365 and 18Bet/Sportmarkets.

And on this numbers of surebet I didn’t succeed to take even ONE.

The reasons were always the same :

-The surebets were not good after 5 seconds, I didn’t have even the time to log-in or find the event in the list that the odds were already different.
-The software announce a surebet who doesn’t not even EXIST, for example asian handicap over 3.75 when Bet365 doesn’t even offer this kind of bet. He offers only +2.5 or +3.5 type for over/under.
-Finally, when I succeeded to find one and was able to take it. 18Bet always cancelled my bets with “error odds” reasons and put on risk my move (a chance that bet365 offer cash-out pregame options).

So here I am, on the point to back to my valuebet strategy and forget surebet strategy.

I have a 50K bankroll so I thought that it will be easy to do 100/150€ benefits with surebet strategy, but in a pratical way, it’s seems quite a mess and impossible to apply.

Did someone had the same experience?
It is my fault and the fault of the bookmakers I choose ?

If you can share your experience about surebet strategy with RebelBetting, I will be glad to hear you!

Thanks a lot and have a good win streak everyone!

please highlight to rebel betting team as the vb systems had a bit of hanging problems so results showed were probably delayed .
seemed to be alright since yesterday . but some bookmakers still have errors and delays . im not able to see pinnacle as well . lets be patient and see all the bookmakers have updates today