subscriptions problems

Hello, after i canceled my subscription rebel betting took money (89.50e and 89.50e) from my credit card ,and the strangest thing is that i changed my card because i had lost it and ordered a new one with different numbers/cvv.etc which i have not added to Even the bank was dazzled with the way this transaction took place. I sent an e-mail to rebelbetting support asking them how and why they took my money but they said that i should cancel my subscription which i already did before 3 months.I asked for a refund for the fee that i have paid for after my canceled subscription but they replied that due to the terms and conditions applied they have the right to charge me .I keep trying to cancel my subscription for a week already and i can’t , i keep pressing the cancel button but nothing happens it just redirects me to my profile which shows an active subscription. Funniest thing is that the charged fee was increased compared to my normal subscription without me being informed or having consent to it , procedure which is explicitly mentioned in the terms and conditions. Im making my issue public to ask if anybody has encountered a similar problem and hopefully someone from rebelbetting support give me an honest answer on how to cancel my subscription.

Sorry for your troubles. We will make sure your subscription is cancelled. If this is indeed a fault on our part we will make a refund. Will investigate.

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I can see you have logged in on these dates:

I cannot see any cancellation until 2023-01-27 when you logged in and cancelled.

Closing this for now, please email support if this is any way in error.