Suggestion: one weekend of Rebel Betting Pro free for new members

Hi guys! I joined about a week ago, using the free trial. After a very low sample of bets, I was down 20£. However, I could see the value after a statistically significant amount of bets, so brought RBP for three months. I’m now running like god, with a 13% yield, with a CLV of 3.55% (currently). However, I’ve been a gambler my whole life (have played poker semi-professionally), so am keenly aware of variance and the relationship between EV and ‘the long-term’. Not everyone is, which is unfortunate as I believe many users could be turned away from their initial short, high variance interaction with the free trial.

I’m no businessman, but I think RB would see significantly higher retention and subscriptions from new members if they had (very) short access to Pro. If they have turned a loss in the initial stage, they’ll likely just take the highest EV offers, making their weekend with RBP statistically very profitable (variance is, of course, still high).

I only say this because I hate bookmakers, and I love how what RB is doing to redistribute their ill gotten gains. Let me know what you think, and good luck everyone!

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Not a great offer when you can’t get the offer, looks like most countries can’t get Pinnacle anyway…

Sorry about that Pete. Please contact support on our website chat and we’ll see if we can make a custom deal for you, or suggest other offers you can take part in.

Can i still claim the pinnacle offer even if Ive already activated the regular 2 week free trial?