Suggestions on how to not get limited?

Just made an account on bet365, my unibet got limited in 70 bets even tho I only deposited 50€ + 50€ bonus to try the trial. Did only positive ev.
What should I do differently on bet365 to not get limited so fast? I have abt 500€ budget rn.

I would recommend not taking the bonuses.

Was it a new Unibet account? That can cause it to get limited very fast - if a new account start betting huge amount.

They are theories about changing position, IP adresses and Wifi between sessions. Remove cookies and stuff like that. I don’t think anyone knows if it really works.

I played at home for 3.5 months and made 8k profit on Bet365 without taking procautions. But that was an old Bet365 account which helps a lot.

If it’s a new account you could try starting slow, perhaps put 5-10 bets a day for some weeks before you start to maximize. But can’t promise you that it will work any better.

You cant use account that was just created most of the time, you need older accounts to avoid limitations that fast

It was a brand new unibet account, I didnt bet huge amount. I depod 50 eur. IF u mean huge amount of times then yes. I chatted them and they said my account was limited due to betting history.