Suprabet locked my account and stole my money using fake argument

Hello to you all, I am a new member and would like to share what happened to me recently on SUPRABET. (Seems, I am not the only one tho…)

My story is like I deposited like 3000$ few months ago, got up to 10k$ and now got my account locked. The support only replied me quoting their “It violated our terms and conditions, Section 11.5. of our general terms and conditions.“ which doesn’t make sense since I of course, didn’t fraud or anything as I was only bet on major games as PSG ones… And since they have disappeared, not replying anymore. Can’t give me any justification.

I can’t believe this is a real thing, stealing money with no shame and justice, now I have seen some other thread on the Internet about this yea… but for my case, please note this book is as today, always quoted on OddsPortal which I was considering a reliable reference and so that’s why I trusted it, probably they are not as regarding as I thought. :slight_smile:

At this point I don’t know what to do, and then just want to share my story trough community.

Are they still trading?
Do they have social media presence?

Consensus here in the forum is to stay away from Suprabet.

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Not surprised, I wish I’d have seen that before they lock and steal my money. :slight_smile:

Interesting question, they actually do not have Twitter or Facebook presence. That’s one of the redflag that should alarms the betting community indeed. Anyway yes, the website and bets are still going on. They even have casino…

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Ok, that was the red flag I’m afraid :worried:

did you deposit by using a charge- or credit card?

Hey Totra, I did deposit trough crypto. I assume you’re asking that since I could complain more easily with a credit card?

Here is the email they’ve replied to me, the only one. Come on, it doesn’t make much sense.

Yes that is what I was thinking.
What crypto did you use?

Did you get your money back?