Sure bet bookies


What’s the main danger to lose money and the major implications with bookies when you sure betting?

I’m surprised that most people go for value betting with the risk of variance rather 100% profit.

I would like to turn around about 15k Euros per day on sure betting. Any suggestions or tips?

Thank you in advance.


Have you read our e-book about sure betting? It covers everything you need to know when starting out. It also covers some risks and how to mitigate them. Have you read it? :slight_smile:

To make 15k daily?? At 10% increase per day means you would have to invest over 150k.

if you want to bet 15k per day, you need at least 30-60k in total (and you need to have Xk € on every bookmaker)

I am doing surebetting (4 months in total) by my scripts/programs … I have profit more than 2500€ - I am just testing it

biggest problem is that you will be limited on many/few bookmakers (depends on profit per bookmaker)

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Could I have more info about that program? What is concept of your program working to?

is it addressed to me?

Yes, or maybe you can give me another way contact to talk about.

Hello Poole, can you please get in touch so that I see how we can work something out together, I hope you are doing great and still winning in some way. anyway, I’m based in Germany. :v::v: