Sure bets that do not exist?

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I am new on RebelBetting, but I have some experience with betting on sports.
I have selected the bookies which I can access (Belgium).
I can bet on almost all sure bets that RebelBetting recommends me but it keeps suggesting me to bet no draw options on ladbrokes (ladbrokes does not have this option).
Does anyone know how I can place bets like this on ladbrokes?


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AH (0) is the same as draw-no-bet (and sometimes have better odds).


Thanks for reaching out to me.
I was also looking for this but they do not offer AH (0) as well :confused:

I am still trying to figure out where RB gets this odd from

Not all bookmakers offers the same markets in all the countries. I suggest that you contact the bookmaker directly and ask them about it. Usually they have a chat interface.

I digged a little bit further and offer the draw no bet option

It appears I get odds from, which is strange because the domain I provided on RB is

This might be the issue

Thanks for your help totrashbin01 :slight_smile:

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Hey man, I am also from Belgium and you can forget about Ladbrokes. The odds are never the same as the ones shown in Rebelbetting.

I would also strongly recommend doing VB and not SB since there is a lot more money to be made with VB and also the average account life from the Belgian bookies isn’t what it is in other country’s where they allow bet365.

Unibet limits after around 500€
Bwin ±500€

Betway ultra trash 50€ or so

I still need to give a try at napoleon games, I have noticed that napoleon and unibet are using the same odds.

The nice thing about Unibet and Napoleon is that the bet automatically gets added to your betslip.


Hey @SamBuca

Thanks for the advice.
I would love to learn more from you as you seem quite succesful :slight_smile:
Is there any way we can have further contact?
Maybe discord or so?

The main reason I got so much gains is only because I got my hands on some bet365 accounts from people I know in the Netherlands haha, but sure I can always teach you some tips and tricks, you can message me on discord SamBuca#9573

@Hanna I’m not sure if its allowed but I wanted to make a English speaking discord server for all the members who would like to live talk about value and sure betting. If I get green light I will make one tomorrow.

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We get our odds from

When you select your domain ( inside the app, you’re still getting the odds from Ther’s no way around this at the moment I’m afraid. We have no way of getting all the odds from all the various domains.

Hey @SamBuca, I have sent you a friend request on Discord. I had a lot of stuff going recently so I had no time for betting.

So lovely that you share that with the rest of the community. :kissing_heart: