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I am new to sure betting with rebel and I have a bank of €20,000. Judging from what I am reading it is not an advantage to have a sizeable bank as the bookies will limit your actions pretty quickly if you are betting high numbers. Is that correct? And if so, has anyone figured out a way around that problem? Thanks. Stephen

If you can register on a few high-stakes bookmakers, you can definitely take advantage of a large bankroll. Often the high-stakes bookmakers are pretty sharp however, but not always.

For example, in Sweden we have Svenska Spel which allows pretty large stakes. Combined with Pinnacle and Betfair, you can make large profits sure betting.

This question will always remain unanswered… Can you please share a screenshot of sure bet pro for us to see the % we get in the pro version… It doesn’t have to be a recent screenshot or you can even cover the names of the matches.

Not sure what you mean, a screenshot will change every minute?
Below is one from right now.

Some statistics might be more useful: 17% of the sure bets placed during early access was over 3.5%, and they stood for almost one third of the total profit.

@Stephenlohan bookies will limit you, if you win too much in short time … or if you are in profit all the time (during past X months)

pinnacle changes rates almost by every settled bet (so only first ones will have best rate)
betfair has big winning fees for most countries (5-7%)

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I have subsequently read a number of reviews on trustpilot and I found it hard to find a positive review of the product. In my experience reviews on Trustpilot are always pretty accurate. It is unfortunate because the rebelbetting software looked like the holy grail for sure betting. Now I am not so sure. Good luck to you Simon and your team but I think that rebel betting is not for me just now. Best,

@Stephenlohan you should read the member results here on the Community instead: Member Results - RebelBetting Community

Trustpilot is a heavily criticised service for several reasons.